Source Code Asia Sdn Bhd started out in much the same way as all good things in life: as a wild, seemingly impossible idea at first, and as an ideal too valuable to set aside later on. 

Back when the industry had only just started, the founders wanted to use their engineering know-how in a meaningful way. They saw the opportunity to do something different, and to do so according to their own values.
Among the many core values that were discussed, they both insisted that this new venture needed to have a conscientious ‘heart’. This was SCA’s golden spirit that kept it going through the initial challenges.

More than a decade later, the business has thrived on being truly different than the others by holding firmly to its core values. The chief of these values is none other than integrity. In every instance, the company took its own reputation seriously, making sure to fulfill every single promise and commitment made. The work done also had to live up to exceedingly high standards, always above and beyond the existing requirements. SCA prides itself greatly on raising the standards of life safety systems and energy efficiency ratings of Malaysia’s building industry. With strict engineering standards and the highest-quality systems and instruments from around the world, SCA has managed to raise the bar time and time again.


  • To consult on the best practices for implementing life-safety HVAC and metering solutions
  • To deliver world class engineering solutions using premium products and solutions from industry leading brand
  • To provide consistent, reliable and trustworthy engineering service


  • To build a better better future for all through innovation, passion and integrity




  • Sold more than 10,000 units of Energy Meters in Malaysia
    First agency to introduce the latest technology to the market.
  • First building with Enerygy valve solution in SEA
    Wisma Perwira, Ministry of Defence
  • First Wireless Metering Solution in SEA
    Solaris Dutamas, 2,200+ metering points
  • First Commercial Airport in Malaysia with full integration of Fire Alarm System and Smoke Spill Controls System
    KLIA 2, 10,000+ controls points


Even as the company looks back at its milestones and successes, there is much more in the horizon that awaits and beckons.

Having charted the trajectory of SCA over the last 15 years, the three main pillars that will underpin the foundation of the company's futures growth were identified collectively  as the "TriPle Strategy". As the same name implies, the strategy consists of three distinct but equally important "P"s:


The first ‘P’ inevitably represents ‘People’. The heart of SCA’s work ultimately revolves around investing in a better future for all. In order to truly establish itself as a global player, SCA understands that it needs to raise up outstanding employees that can elevate the company above all others. To achieve this, SCA is working towards providing more extensive skills training, while establishing a fair and competitive career development structure. A better-equipped workforce will certainly set the company apart from others in the business with less-capable employees.


The next 'P' shines the focus on 'Process'. SCA recognises the need to collaborate seamingly with multiple parties and stakeholders in order to produce the best possible outcomes. To achieve this, SCA developed industry leading Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that ensure the highest performance and compatibility when deploying multi-vendor solutions. On top of that, these processes are constantly improved upon and made even more streamlined with each completed project. The continuous refinement and review of these business processes will lay a strong foundation for achieving unbridled growth in the years to come by streaming the operations fromp planning stages up until the final sign-off.


Thirdly, the remaining ‘P’ is reserved for ‘Product’. SCA’s diverse experience in the industry has given the company invaluable insight into the real quality levels and standards of products used from more than a dozen different brands. The deep pool of product knowledge allows SCA to engineer unique solutions that can cater to even the most unconventional needs. As the industry leader, the onus is on SCA to continue expanding its product expertise by partnering closely with the manufacturers. A tighter integration of teams with specialised training in different brands will go a long way towards cementing SCA’s technical leadership in the industry.


More than anything however, the lifeblood of SCA flows from holding true to the ideals that led to the formation of the company in the first place. It was the pursuit of integrity that brought SCA to the forefront, and its integrity that will continue to serve each respective stakeholder.

So what should these stakeholders expect in the next chapter of SCA's illustrious history?